Brazilian Ronaldo is universally considered to be one of the greatest forwards ever to grace the game. Ronaldo has won two Ballon D’Ors, one in 1997 and the other in 2002. Legendary Ronaldo Nazario de Lima bought Cruzeiro for the first time, now dreaming of moving into the new stadium. Legendary Ronaldo Nazario de Lima initially invested his money in Spains Real Valladolid. Still, his primary focus is now on returning Cruzeiro to the top of the Brazilian Serie B table. Although born in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian has already made his first steps into the top flight of soccer at Belo Horizonte, where he was playing for Foxy. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima is held in legend by players and fans of the Brazil national team and is perhaps considered the best forward to play for Brazil.

Ronaldo Nazario de Lima is also one of Brazil’s most successful players, winning two FIFA World Cups (1994 and 2002) and finishing runners-up in 1998. Ronaldo Nazario de Lima turned professional as a 17-year-old with Brazilian club Cruzeiro, scoring 12 goals in only 14 matches, before being signed by Dutch club PSV Eindhoven, where he scored 42 goals in just 46 league matches. Ronaldo played only one season with Barcelona, scoring an incredible 47 goals in 49 games, and at 19 years of age became FIFAs youngest player of the year.

He began his playing career with Brazilian giants Cruzeiro and had similarly destructive spells at PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. Ronaldo said he knew he had a big job ahead of him to return to the top flight. He left Real Madrid in 2007 and played again in Italy, this time with Inter’s club, Milan, where Ronaldo was again concentrating, working hard and losing lots of weight. The forward won 18 trophies during his illustrious career, heavily interrupted by a severe knee injury, including the World Cup titles of 1994 (where he did not play) and 2002. Starting as a wide player, then turning Ronaldo Nazario de Lima into one of the deadliest forwards to ever grace a soccer field

In the 1990s, Ronaldo was viewed as a new type of striker who would also play beyond the penalty area before advancing on goal. He would quickly head towards the goal after gaining possession of the ball despite frequently being positioned close to midfield. Due to his ball control, quickness, agility, balance, and delicate footwork at his peak often overpowered many players when dribbling at speed and excelled in one-on-one scenarios. Nilton Petrone, Ronaldo’s physiotherapist, claimed that the combination of his quick running style and a medical problem made him prone to injury.