The first round in the Qatar 2022 World Cup is coming to an end and throughout the first fixtures of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we have seen shocking drama, upsets and wonderful goals. However, the Qatar 2022 World Cup is just getting started as we now progress and move onto the Last 16, Quarter Finals and more! Therefore, since there is more at stake for these nations when playing in these World Cup matches, online sports bookies and platforms like provide their customers with fantastic odds, bonuses, offers, promotions and much more. Nevertheless, within this article, we will be looking at three of the best moments that we have seen in the first round of the 2022 World Cup.

Spain Beating Costa Rica 7-0

What Luis Enrique’s squad did on 23rd November was undoubtedly historic in terms of Spain’s record books, despite the fact that it was by no means the game with the most goals ever scored in a World Cup encounter. It is their greatest scoring performance in the history of the World Cup, as they totally destroyed Keylor Navas’s goal by scoring seven goals with six different players contributing to the scoring. The Spaniards now have a far better chance of winning the group after Germany’s defeat, which gave them a massive edge in terms of goal difference as well.

Japan Make the Comeback to Beat Germany

Germany performed an outstanding game, but they failed to capitalise on critical opportunities to expand their advantage. At the same time, Japan did not give up and continued pushing until they not only found the score that tied the game, but also the score that put them in the lead thanks to a fantastic drive by Takuma Asano. Another tremendous shock, but when you consider Japan’s track record of accomplishments on a stage as big as this one, it doesn’t even compare to Saudi Arabia’s. Nevertheless, a monumental outcome came out of nowhere given that Germany was in complete command of the game for the first 75 minutes of play.

Saudi Arabia Beating Argentina 2-1

The Saudi Arabian national team overcame an overwhelming number of obstacles, including falling down in the score against a Messi-led squad, to pull off what is perhaps the most remarkable comeback in the annals of World Cup play. They did not back down and ultimately prevail against a team from Argentina that was widely expected to win the match and would consider their performance a failure if they did not take home the title. This is without a doubt going to be the most memorable moment of this World Cup regardless of what happens, but it is already by far the most memorable event of this first round, and the historically dismal World Cup performances of Saudi Arabia make it even more significant.